thinking about the still to come

yesterday was a bread I baked
from flour and yeast
to aroma and crust
today was coffee
from green beans to brown

tomorrow might be sauce
from tomatoes on the vine
and I’m wondering about
the things that I might do
with a harvest of apples
and a pick of dark berries
that’s already overdue

do-it-yourself has become my name
though it’s not the one
that I was born with

and grow-it-yourself
is the way that I eat
though I can’t find that
on any supermarket shelf

honey let’s dance
a self-sufficiency dance
you know I’ve learnt my steps
from you

I’ll spin you around
no package required
on our makeshift dance floor

you can twirl me
into the pantry
I’ll hold you close
against the found potatoes
we foraged last week

let’s whisper nothings
to the pickled cucumbers
they won’t remember anyway

come away
with your new-made man
to his self made bed
lie down with me and then later


we’ll think about what’s still ahead

© Frank Prem, 2011

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