a connection

Poem #14 from tuesday night at emile’s

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hello mama

his approach has been along the gravel path
beneath trees and open sky
by turns

he has meandered
to take in the old headstones
contrast them with newer trends
a dithering indirect approach

but at last he is here

the shirt is pink and creased
but at least clean
he has found his jacket
attempted a tie
although crooked

his face is more shaven than not

the posy of flowers
a vibrant array of bright colour
just as he remembers her to have been
when he was still small

hello mama

he is uncomfortable
not knowing if he should stand or sit
or even perhaps kneel

settles for a stoop
that turns into a sit
after he has found a small weed to pull

he is unaware in his awkwardness
of a cloaked figure
slowing for a moment
to watch him
before continuing on the path
to some personal destination
among the untroubled at their rest

it’s been a long time mama
and I’ve been lost
so so lost

his face wrinkles into creases
and tears start to fall
but now he is untroubled by them
knows he will shed a burden
believes this with all the faith
of one who has seen his first light
and knows that at last
there is a direction

as he speaks and weeps
his hand wanders
backwards and forwards
across the granite rubble atop the grave
letting the sound of stones
gently colliding against each other
punctuate his phrases
his admissions of weakness
and fall

tells of his bewilderment
at the cause
a fleeting episode that caught him so unawares
obsessed and almost drove him
to an oblivion

as the narrative progresses
the tears slow and stop
breathing comes easier
his hands are still shaking
but he knows he has passed some crucial point
hardly realises how much time has gone by
until a cool breeze
ruffles the back of his neck
to announce that it is already evening

goodbye mama

he pats the headstone
almost expecting a return warmth
finding only cold granite

it is enough
to form a connection

© Frank Prem 2003

Tuesday Night at Emile’s Poem #15: who is he (2)



8 thoughts on “a connection

  1. I am such a cumulous cloud. I’ve been reading these individually, never as installments in a collection, until tonight. 🙂 (Hope it’s good to know that the installments stand on their own!)

    Liked by 1 person

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