to make a mage #12

#12: enough known (to suffice)

do you think he knows
of himself


with certainty

power yes
and knowledge
in support of it


what he is

what he might become

what he may

only suggestions

that there is

will be more

when it is needed

perhaps enough
to suffice


2 thoughts on “to make a mage #12

  1. Just preordered your teddy bear book for my seven year old granddaughter!

    On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 7:16 PM Frank Prem Poetry wrote:

    > Frank Prem posted: ” #12: enough known (to suffice) do you think he > knowsof himself no nothingwith certainty power yesand knowledgein support > of it yes butwhat he is what he might become what he maydo only suggestions > suspicionsthat there ismore” >

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cheryl, that’s lovely. Are you speaking of the e-book?

      I see Amazon is still listing the paperback, but it is not likely to be available. The advice I’ve received is that the image quality is perfectly fine for e-book, but not quite up to print standard. I think it’s a line-ball thing, but have to accept the advice of those who know these things better than I do.

      Sorry if that is confusing or disappointing (which it is), but you may not be able to get the PB.

      I may arrange for a single copy and run it past my local bookshop proprietor to see what she says, but I think it is unlikely.

      I don’t know why Amazon persist in displaying the listing. They have been told.


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