we who are mice (will dance)

D. Wallace Peach (Diana) over at Myths of the Mirror has put up a Speculative Fiction writing prompt for the month of February, featuring a picture of an elephant in close proximity to a tree which itself contains a house full of mice.

I wrote a response to this prompt a few days back. Mostly the poem reveals the attitude of the elephant. Take a peek here, if you’d like.

It occurred to me, however, that mice are not passive creatures, and certainly would have something to say in their own defense. Consequently, I revisited the situation to listen in on mouse strategy.

Hear this!


who are the mice
we know

an elephant
at our house
will blow

like a storm
that comes
from a nether place

the breath
from his trunk
all of our space

and even though
even though
there is peril
right there

we keep our counsel
do not despair

for our hearts are strong
while our tree
still stands

though the elephant
keeps us
in fate’s
tight hands

so come on
all you mice
let us sing

let us play
let us

for even elephants must like
to waltz
to prance

clasp my hand
elephant do

I would like to take
a turn
with you

I would love to take
my turn

(with you!)



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