only that child

look at me mama here I am what do you see I cannot tell you have hidden your eyes from me concealed your face am I so unseemly to you is it my sins you see too clear mama would that I could see you again sometimes I am still the child no more than … Continue reading only that child

big girl (on the tiles) now

daddy I . . . oh daddy I . . . I was on my own he was passing by he’s really not my kind that tawny guy ah daddy you . . . don’t be so mean don’t be cross with me don’t yowl me down he would never do me harm well daddy … Continue reading big girl (on the tiles) now

(what if I hear them) whistle and cry

I hear the dead cry out in the colours of the burning night even my shadow bows down before them these are the stranger days with ghost silhouettes that I can see this killing ground is the shade of dying fire and I am alive I wonder why I am alive perhaps to play the … Continue reading (what if I hear them) whistle and cry