A Reading from Small Town Kid

This morning I’ve attempted to create a Facebook Video as a Small Town Kid promotion.

The video features some scenes from Beechworth, while I read the introductory poem – I can hardly wait to show you.

And it’s true. I really can hardly wait to show you. Please feel welcome to check out the video, make a comment there (or here) if you like.

Don’t forget, the book is available in either e-book or paperback formats.

See the Video here.

Get Small Town Kid here.

Happy New Year, to everyone. Thank you for your visits to see my work.

I am grateful.


26 thoughts on “A Reading from Small Town Kid

    • Hi robbie. Thank you, and thank you also for your great support. I was pleased at how well this one came together.

      Will likely do more down the track – it’s a good book collection for that, as all the poems in it have been tried out on live audiences.


    • That’s exciting for me, too, Ellen. I so hope you enjoy it. Sorry I couldn’t autograph it for you.

      Glad you enjoyed the video. It was easy enough to accomplish that I might be tempted to do it again – with a little more thought going into the next one. Folk seem to have enjoyed it pretty well. Lovely.

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      • I’m sorry not to have your autograph, too! And the package arrived from Amazon as promised! I’ve been out of commission for a couple of weeks and have held off opening it until I can properly enjoy it 😊😊😊
        I’m catching up on reading posts and see you have another audio I’ll be listening shortly.

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      • I’m so pleased it arrived, Ellen. I have a friend in Canada who hasn’t even heard from Amazon re her order. Very poor. Yes. Another interview – it’s winding down a little from here on. Not much left that I can do in the way of free publicity.

        I have achieved one goal, which was to re-establish my identity to that of an author. Not a small thing.

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