enforcement meeting, start of day

I saw clouds this morning
gold sculpted musculature
at full billow

the sun was an instrument
playing with first impressions
of the day

it was like a meeting
of the wide-boys
of the upper estate

a preferred location for
high climbers

a conference
of the upward

and they shone like god himself
was in the chair
to call them to order

and signal dispersal
by removal of glitter
from the agenda
so an ordinary day
could begin

another ordinary day
for sky-enforcement
with the sun

© Frank Prem, 2008

7 thoughts on “enforcement meeting, start of day

  1. Love the chiaroscuro duality, Frank. 🌗 I was going to comment that we’re lucky the sun shines on the golden ones and the rest of us alike, but I thought of Beijing, the power stations, the industries of the high fliers blotting out the sky… Oh well. 😑

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