cloud like

cloud 5

the mystery of clouds
is …
I don’t really know

they just billow
before my eyes

cloud 3

like living a storm

thunder rang the night
last night

brought the rain

I know that the cloud
that brought it
has gone now

like mist on the breeze

like a thought
now long gone
but I wonder

was it a cloud
like you

cloud 1

like you

© Frank Prem, 2017

October 2017 Poem #36: street sounds (4): rain care

4 thoughts on “cloud like

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  3. The poem and the artwork are gorgeous. 💚 Clouds are soo hypnotic, and always changing, endless variation. Many days I photograph them from the backyard, and one day my neighbor’s young daughter asked her mum what “that man” was doing. I’m sure they think I’m loco, but all good, I am. 😉

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  4. Steve we are living in a time of clouds, I think – even if only for a season. I am enjoying them so much. As for the art – point and shoot is a magnificent tool and I love it.

    A secret, Steve – we ALL know you’re loco, but … we attempt small kindnesses, as and when we can LMAO.

    Keep snapping them, they’re as inspirational as anything that ever was..


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