sailing (to port)

I sailon the rainforthe worldis askew vertical isto horizontalisjust a plane and the movementis a live thingin its own way I sailon the rainlikea marinerof meteorology and the wind blows I arcas the raindropsarca ribbonthrough the sky as the wind blowson and onI skim morein angles at forty-five at sixty Itowardthe rainbow Iacrossthe falling sky … Continue reading sailing (to port)

36.3533° S, 146.6877° E

how much is your latitude how long are you are you defined within the crosshairs of east and west I am within a degree or two of acceptable of close and there’s a storm grumbling down right above my head there’s something in the way it is speaking somewhat longitudinal something like a rainbow happy … Continue reading 36.3533° S, 146.6877° E