Chapter Two

I’m reading a book
About taking a lover
It’s the first that I’ve found
Never looked in another.

It says in the print
It’s just A, B and C
But, that sounds a little
Too easy to me.

I can follow the line
About a dinner for two
A glass of white wine
(And the sweet words, I knew)

To look in the eyes
At the light shining there
And the note to the wise
Not to make it a stare.

That all sounds good
I’ve started making some notes
Choose only good food
I’m memorising by rote.

Practice your smile
In the mirror at home
Rehearsal is best
If you do it alone.

But how do I know
When I first touch a hand
Which way further to go?
I can’t quite understand.

And if I happen to hear
A gentle, soft, sigh
Is the meaning quite clear
Or should I wonder just why?

Are there signs to observe?
A first parting of lips
Would it be too absurd
If I offered a kiss?

There’s so many decisions
Who knows what to do?
Perhaps, for my wisdom
I should read Chapter Two.

© Frank Prem, 1999


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