self portrait via life-draw

I have charcoaled a man

I am inking a woman

he wears a short goatee
and no distinctive features

she bears a tattoo
that adorns the skin of her back
like remnant lace
from the rumple of a negligee
tossed carelessly away

his head is drawn as round as a circle
and overly tiny

I find proportion
is not a sense that I possess
at all

her hair has proved impossible to tame
and over-flows a poor arrangement
barely held in place
by a green rubber band

these pictures
my scribbles scrawls and scratches
are impressed on the now-smudged white
of a sheet of cartridge paper
always somehow it seems
I rend them better
penned and then re-worked
into the phrases I find most familiar
here I am
etching a silhouette of myself again
charcoaled and inked
into queer shaped stanzas

this drawing from life
is not really a new thing
it seems it’s just another portrait
in the usual words
that are me

that I am

© Frank Prem, 2016

13 thoughts on “self portrait via life-draw

  1. Hey Frank!

    “that are me

    that I am”

    The words I read in your poem flow in my head and somehow the mood sets in almost instantly. You have the power to change the weather of the mind…’charcoaled & inked’.


    Liked by 1 person

      • Hey Frank,

        With Great power comes great responsibility.

        You have attempted and come out as a winner, my friend! Yes, of course, you decide the souls of your poetry. Waiting to see your upcoming pieces!

        THE RINK

        Liked by 1 person

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