kitchen garden

but look at this kitchen it is a nursery of plants all the little butter-tubs we saved for a year are filled with seed on the ledge of the window that oversees the garden beds we are reclaiming from lawn aubergine and tomato capsicum and corn cucumbers climbing beans zucchini and squash we have pumpkins … Continue reading kitchen garden

eucalyptus farewell

an old windmill across the back fence is twirling like it’s powered by the current from a river of the wind around and around while the branches high above are waving their eucalyptus fare-thee-well bye and bye bye and bye we’ll see you a little bit later there’s been a promise spoken that the rain … Continue reading eucalyptus farewell

voices know (wo-wo-wo)

the voices in the wind are talking oh wo-wo-wo oh-wo wo-wo every time I think I know what’s really going on wo oh-wo-wo-wo wo-wo oh-wo-wo quiet for a moment nothing for a spell I think I understand it but no oh wo-wo-wo the wind knows better wo-wo-wo I know nothing wo-wo-wo and nothing oh-wo is … Continue reading voices know (wo-wo-wo)

damascus in a heatwave

I was going to take a walk then I thought maybe a book somehow I find I'm here instead it's hard to settle down there's nothing that appeals I squirm to avoid oppression and the indecisive day goes by blistering whatever risks exposure until a darkened room is all that’s left a darkened room and … Continue reading damascus in a heatwave


my father is re-fixing his kitchen chairs adding a second layer of foam underneath the straps that the furniture guy put in already he has re-laid the new pavers and re-aligned a recently added patio fence now he is re-upholstering the re-upholstered it's not he says that he is too fussy no it's just that … Continue reading re-finishing