Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – #Potluck #Poetry – long night, moon by Frank Prem

Sally Cronin has found a moon poem in my archives to share with her Smorgasbord audience.

Sally is a wonderful blogger with a wealth of variety for readers to peruse, so do visit the Smorgasbord Blog Magazine if you have the chance.

The series she has been looking at here in the dungeon regions of my poetry blog was a poem-a-day adventure that ended up running for 15 months. I”m tickled to see these poems again, as they so easily fall behind the curtain of antiquity, given the amount of poetry I write.

Here’s what I’ve said to Sally in response:

Sally, I can’t tell you how surprised I am to see some of these poems again. They were written, as you mentioned, in a poem-a-day undertaking that I set for myself – originally to see if I could make it through one month, and then on it went for a year and more.

I discovered a lot about myself as a writer during this project as well as exploring the world around me in greater focus than I’d ever managed before.

The task led me to a number of themes and variations that I was very proud of at the time, and look back on fondly now – the worker meditating while using pick and shovel and axe. A number of ‘Way’ poems that explored a personal sense of the Dao of things. Creation of a menagerie (who knew that alpacas could fly, or crows dance?).

I would strongly recommend the exercise of writing and posting daily while looking outward from the self for any budding writer.

Thanks for finding and sharing these. I’m surprised delightfully by what you’ve uncovered.



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