The Garden Black – a new video reading

It's a while since I managed to do any recording, so I snatched a little time today to make a video of 3 poems to post on YouTube. This is the link if you'd like to check it out. There are a couple of other - older- recordings of material from the book there, as … Continue reading The Garden Black – a new video reading

Merry Christmas, 2021

I'm planning to wind down my online activities for the year from around now, so I thought I should take the opportunity to thank everyone who has followed along with the blog here and my various publishing activities through 2021. You make this obsession of mine with writing and publishing poetry feel a little special. … Continue reading Merry Christmas, 2021

The Spoken Image – trying something new

I've been referring to my recent endeavours as 'picture poetry', just to give this little sub-genre a handle to hold it with. I'm referring to the approach of first getting the image and only after that writing the poem. After it has spoken what it has to say. My wife Leanne (who is a reliable … Continue reading The Spoken Image – trying something new