Sheep On The Somme – release date

I've approved final (I hope) revisions for Sheep On The Somme, today. Two editions - paperback and case laminate hardcover - will be released for sale on 16th June 2021. Phew. I'll no doubt have a bit more to say about this in due course, but for the moment, I'm relieved to have gotten this … Continue reading Sheep On The Somme – release date

WW 1 poems – getting book-ified

A kittle update on one more project - turning the WW 1 poems that I have done YouTube readings for into book form. For a long time I had been of the view that a book/s would be unlikely because gaining lawful copies would only be possible at considerable cost. I checked again, just recently, … Continue reading WW 1 poems – getting book-ified

With ANZAC Day approaching . . .

I thought I'd start to organise a few more of my poems inspired by images from World War 1. In particular the Western Front and The Somme. This link goes to today's work, but there is a playlist that includes several poems previously uploaded. Here is today's reading: World War 1 - 3 poems. … Continue reading With ANZAC Day approaching . . .

A Remembrance Day 2020 poem on YouTube.

***Edit***I've got the hang of uploading these now and have started a playlist of WW 1 poems - 3 there so far. I'll change the link below to go to the playlist. I've managed to upload one of my World War 1 poems to YOuTube. A crude effort, but today is remembrance Day, so why … Continue reading A Remembrance Day 2020 poem on YouTube.