(PAD #048) not (craving magic)

Ido not cravemagic onlyI wishwith all my mind true beliefsinto truthin deed that is all wave the wandincantthe wordsI dance nakedchantingaround my fire let smokerisea message in each puff while Ichurn my wishes roundinside and waiting I am waiting whereand whenwill be a sign waitingdoubting as each hour goes by where when will be the … Continue reading (PAD #048) not (craving magic)

every one of us

there are many of us waiting for the words to fall like raindrops into rivulets that splash pretty across an unlined page and every one of us hears the patter of a different rain pen itself upon each rooftop whispering stories told in stanzas with the storm above the basso and the brightness pool into … Continue reading every one of us