(PAD #041) sleep (van winkle)

and I could sleeplikerip van winkle a long breakfrom alltoil I wonderthoughwould it bea restor just forgetfulness a form ofno longer knowingwhat it isthat I should do I could sleep on it for a long timeI mightsleep  perhapswhen I woke up againwhat I must dowould become clear good nightnowmy pengoodnight papertooadieu farewell goodbye Iperhaps from … Continue reading (PAD #041) sleep (van winkle)

Kinds Of Nothing

afternoon TV shows even cartoons pass good time textbooks on philosophy don't hold attention disaster shows on the news reporters can't believe their eyes I don't know what to think I'm just spectating watching raindrops fall to my window from the sky forming and falling and then there's nothing except another one coming down in … Continue reading Kinds Of Nothing