Nurses (2): wholesome

WW1 nurses having breakfast, on the verandah at the Aboukir Nurses Rest Home, Egypt, ca. 1915 and we bring youour darling girlsto these hotsands and strange places good morning enjoy your breakfast this may bethe lastwhole the lastwholesome for a while ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and developments in my … Continue reading Nurses (2): wholesome


Ypres (41): an entrance (to irony)

  The entrance to the prison at Ypres, which was used as a forward dressing station by the 9th Australian Field Ambulance during the Third Battle of Ypres. there’s ironyherein this bloody war churches are the firstto goin the name of god and people must prayto remnantsin mortar here we arewelcomedby the prison gate … Continue reading Ypres (41): an entrance (to irony)

Ypres (43): ride of the fallen

  and the fallen slowly ride their steeds point to valhalla once proud and upright they slump now in their saddles they are surely dead even if alive at least on this ride there are tall trees and shade at least this ride is safe and see they keep coming this parade runs forever is … Continue reading Ypres (43): ride of the fallen