poetry (as policy)

some nights I could write for hours to save the world this night I've only got five minutes dinner's nearly cooked and I've drunk a little wine so what to say I wish I just wish that poetry was policy I wish a declamation made in parliament was a poem and I wish that listening … Continue reading poetry (as policy)

and smoke and smolder

he came searching for a drink not really so very much to seek cola lemonade orange juice even water in a glass if it came to it any store on the street could surely have obliged him but one by one slightly ahead of him as he walked they each shut their doors drew the … Continue reading and smoke and smolder

the accident of the kitchen sponge

he held in his hand a sponge a very good sponge shaped square colored yellow kept on a shelf beneath the sink in the kitchen he applied an edge just an edge to an overflow an accidental spillage of coffee sloshed from his cup to the table he was careless the sponge did its work … Continue reading the accident of the kitchen sponge

the poet contemplates todays destiny

Poem #213 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie. Back to Bachelard and me – Introduction today the poet makes his mark makes a universe appear brand new this time there are clouds filled with pinpoint lights a nursery of stars a nebula of endless tomorrows endless dimensions … Continue reading the poet contemplates todays destiny