rising (in the sun-gold of winter)

the road outsideis alivenowto monday a car throbsroar racesthen throbs again as I open my eyessun-gold sievesthrough lashesthat don’t wantto partandI burrow inagaindeeply a little more a little longer all I askisa while voices fill the spaceparallelto my window they rise and rotatelike a flockof wheeling birds I’ve seen themin picturescavortingacross the sky rises and … Continue reading rising (in the sun-gold of winter)

(PAD #038) the rain (I heard it)

I will listento the rainas it strikespeltedagainst my window I will followthe sound through the air through the glass into the splash listening into the droplet into water listening I will bethe rain striking doomagainst the window listening listening water through the air swirlingthrough the wind misting in a cloud listening a droplet a hint … Continue reading (PAD #038) the rain (I heard it)

(PAD #037) empty (no more)

empty page empty screen fill it up it's onlya keystroke key stroked afterkey stroke a story on the whitetoday we had a little snow this morningjust one minorflurry drifting downfrom the cloudsand the sky and the inkflowsonto the whiteand the pagefillswith the talethat is today black cockatooshave returned they are croakingcra-a-a-a-kinga gentle song today is … Continue reading (PAD #037) empty (no more)

(PAD #036) ghostly (will the clothes line) dance

ghostsare restlessI can see them move outside the clothes lineis dancing back and forwardone-two-three droplets falldownfrom around the wooden pegs whichthemselvesdon’t deign to move the twirl is happeningbut it has to bearound them in the middleof last night I hearda moan a sigh I knowthat’s how the windspeakswhen it is drifting past but it soundedlike … Continue reading (PAD #036) ghostly (will the clothes line) dance

(PAD #028) winter day (silence)

it’s silent here inside my head I am alonein a daypreoccupiedwith its ownaffairs leaving mewith distractionbutmy passing thoughts as empty as breezethrough the oak tree in winter the sun is wan what it projectsis a pale imitationof heat it too ispreoccupied thinking perhapsof what’s to come some dayin a billion yearsit might see redand explode … Continue reading (PAD #028) winter day (silence)

(PAD #027) one time (midnight dancer)

wetat midnight the raincomes down the heart of winteris a downpour I liewakeful I lieno sleep I lie with the soundplayingin my mind and I half-dreamI’d like tostand underneath it raise my head close my eyes fall on mewinter rain I will danceunder your lines splash my face soak my feet fall and fallas thoughold … Continue reading (PAD #027) one time (midnight dancer)

blowing back the wind

blow the wind blows rattling my house I hear the protest of ghosts [b-o-o-o-ooo] who feel the wind running through them it’s a chill thing when the wind sings and runs through you [b-o-o-o-ooo] [b-o-o-o-ooo] blow the wind I stand at my door and blow mightily I blow the wind back     back   … Continue reading blowing back the wind

the wind resolves

the wind has attempted a resolution hear the chorale harmonise and wail oh-woo-woo-woo it will try to refrain from song now ohh-oh-oh why said the wind should I cry so why should I moan no-no-no I will sing my songs no more now I will blow completely in silence ooh ooh only in silence ooo-ooo-woo-woo ooo-ooo-woo-woo … Continue reading the wind resolves