fourteen years (out of picture)

there is a weepingon the tv tonight a manclosing downhis lifeof the last fourteen years a businessbuilt from scratch he can’thold it togetheron cameraas he tells his anguishat having to let gohis staff his wonderful staff and swearinga vowto start over againwhen this virusthis disasteris gone day oneofyear oneofanother fourteen I’m sorryhe apologies to viewers … Continue reading fourteen years (out of picture)

karen’s story (as heard in the welfare line)

I was the last oneto be employed my third jobworking inhospitality but Iwas the first oneto get the call a quietsad wordfrom the manager first to goand nowall three jobsare gone I’ve got no moneybut the mortgageis duetomorrow so far I haven’t had a callto sayit’s likelyto be waived I don’t wantto cry about myselfI’m … Continue reading karen’s story (as heard in the welfare line)

stella’s song: getting by (on plastic)

I liveon the welfare line get my moneythrough a card no gamblingnoalcohol but if my shopsellsa beer or a scratch lottery cardmy cardwon’t let meuse it mineis a little townthere’s not much choiceabout where I go nowthey’re putting mein quarantine . . . self- isolation . . . I don’t know paying meorat leastmy carda … Continue reading stella’s song: getting by (on plastic)