from storyland (final)

I have had in mind, for a little while now, that 600 poems from the Bachelard inspired sets of poetry might be time to stop posting. There are more, but some sets have run out. Others, such as the poems arising from Intuition of the Instant - the contemplation of the working and meaning of … Continue reading from storyland (final)

what mother does

mother soil mother grass mother tree you nurture me mother seed mother flower mother fruit you nurture me mother sky blue mother sky grey mother sky thunder lightning and rain my mother’s storm you nurture me yes nurture me ~ Poem #593 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a … Continue reading what mother does

alchemy: from a stone

his hammer smacked a dull ineffective sound against the granite a little powder a little flake sometimes he struck a chisel into the stone to achieve the same he struck and he chiseled until the powder made a mound at the bottom of his crucible with tongs he placed the cup upon the fire there … Continue reading alchemy: from a stone

the pull of truth

an example of the truth was running in a rivulet down the pane of glass in front of my eyes breaking up into a dotted trail almost straight but dodging here and there around imperfections yet remaining a faithful acolyte of gravity here comes another one same line same dodge this time it is something … Continue reading the pull of truth

above the water

in the still of the night the phantoms wreathe above the water raveling unraveling adrift they retire reluctantly as day creeps growing lume by lume until they are hidden and the brightness rules for a short while the brightness rules only for a short while night will fall again for the phantoms to recall their … Continue reading above the water