ok alright watch out (for the volcano)

while the black cloudsGathered far distant, over Himavant ~ in the latestfrom americaright wingshave learntto fly the ukis in partymodeon fridays europe’s mindis in belaruswhere the nameof the gameis war in the pacificpoor tongais disappearing volcano fire tsunami wave smoke risento the strato-sphere ~ there is a kindof revulsionthat can find its waythrough the dirtbeneathyour … Continue reading ok alright watch out (for the volcano)

waiting in stillness (for zen)

Ganga was sunken, and the limp leavesWaited for rain ~ the stillnessof the dayis . . . a strange thing the airis still the leaves on treesand plantsis still bladesof grassdo not move cloud coveraboveis uniformandstill I did not thinkthe weather mapwas suggesting raintoday yetit feelsas though the worldis waiting in stillness onlya magpie singsas … Continue reading waiting in stillness (for zen)

perspective comes (the morning after)

In a flash of lightning. Then a damp gustBringing rain ~ the elementsplay we thinkof the plagueas ourcatastrophe putall our emotional energy worry grief dismay distress anger blame fear allinto thoughtsof the scourge butnever forgetthe elementshave been herelong have ruledbefore us remain ~ the stormwas a brief thing two hoursof light showand agitationragingthrough the heavens … Continue reading perspective comes (the morning after)

distraction in court (would you like a zinger)

Only a cock stood on the rooftreeCo co rico co co rico ~ it isn’t possibleto ignore not really the kingof the world(tennis)versusthe chameleonof australia-r it was alwaysgoing to endin a courtroomratherthanon a tennis court and I wonderwhatdo I thinkabout it and I wonder andI wonder I concludethat neitherof these twostruttersis –individually –worththe thought both … Continue reading distraction in court (would you like a zinger)

triple hopes (and cockatoo justifications)

triple hopes (and cockatoo justifications) Dry bones can harm no one ~ Cockatoos - after the plums 14/01/2022 the cockatoos –my nemesisfor so many weeksas the plums ripened –are abundant they have grown accustomednowto not being harried not clappedout of the tree nowthey are afterlast skerricks there is no harmnowin grantingfree reinto them it has … Continue reading triple hopes (and cockatoo justifications)

broken completely (yet whole)

There is the empty chapel, only the wind’s home.It has no windows, and the door swings, ~ in so many waysweare broken a glanceat the newspapersbrings a shudderand confirmation royal sex scandals sporting liesand tantrums the ill healthof a nation . . . of the world the perversityof governments distressesof the helpless so many waysto … Continue reading broken completely (yet whole)

of me of we (of sunlight and grass)

the grass is singingOver the tumbled graves, about the chapel ~ the greenof todaygives the lieto dark thoughts it is me . . . it iswe who are soaffectedby these times the grasscontinues to singunder a warmsummer sunlightin the morning when I lookupon itunsuspectedlyI am caught upin the verdant colourand vibrant lifeof the thing somethinglives … Continue reading of me of we (of sunlight and grass)

buggery (really)

And crawled head downward down a blackened wall ~ there isa toilet paper shortageagain . . . nothere isn’treally it’s a shortagein people’s minds hoardersthough whytoilet paperof all thingsI can’t say and a failureof deliveries all the transport workersare sick can’t getstuffto the supermarkets can’t get tested can’t walkcan’t runcan’t fly different reasons same results … Continue reading buggery (really)

my life (back again)

And fiddled whisper music on those strings ~ let’s allget backto normal let itripso we canjustget over it go backto work backto school stop talkingabout the numbers they’re onlynumbers what I wantto get over . . . get beyond are the weasel wordsof politicianswho hold us back . . . push usforward . . . … Continue reading my life (back again)

it is personal (get over it)

Cracks and reforms and bursts in the violet airFalling towersJerusalem Athens AlexandriaVienna LondonUnreal ~ it has becomeimpossible the streetsof the little townare crowdedwith the escapeesfrom other places the pestilencehas mutatedand transmogrifieditself hitched a rideand taken upresidence businesses open businesses close there is nolockdownjustself-imposedisolations so many workersunwellor waitingwhile their tests windendlesslythrough the pathology systemthat is becoming … Continue reading it is personal (get over it)