New Reviews (1/2): Walk Away Silver Heart

I have two new reviews to report, today. This first is a review of Walk Away Silver Heart, posted by Bill Arnott. Bill hails from Canada and is a fine author in his own right. It is a privilege to have him review one of my poetry collections. You can find his review here, if … Continue reading New Reviews (1/2): Walk Away Silver Heart

A Giveaway, and three #1’s

***Edit*** four #1's! . . . seven! I was prompted a short time ago to contemplate embarking on a Giveaway exercise, through AMazon and an organisation called The Fussy Librarian. I get tied in knots about the idea of Giveaways, in that I prefer to be in control of who gets what, and what I … Continue reading A Giveaway, and three #1’s

Wow! A Love Poetry Trilogy (on my table)

There are some truly joyous moments. This is one. Three books - my A Love Poetry Trilogy - arrived in the mail today. Real books, and just some words, not just a manuscript, or a revision, or a cover that doesn't quite fit. The culmination of a major creative project, for me and it's a … Continue reading Wow! A Love Poetry Trilogy (on my table)

steadied (by a love poem)

there are timeswhen a love poemis needed don’t you thinkthatis well knownto me times whena deep thoughtaboutwhat is known whatis missed is the right thingatthe right time the only thingright now to make a difference to changethe world to remind youof who you are whatis important what makesyou what does it meanandwhat’s it for timeswhen … Continue reading steadied (by a love poem)

A Valentine’s Day Newsletter

It's Valentine's Day already, here at my place. The chocolates came early (yesterday) because good things like that shouldn't wait. This is just a short note to let subscribers to my Newsletter know that I have just sent out a Valentine's Day edition. Look out for it in your inboxes, or, if it fails to … Continue reading A Valentine’s Day Newsletter

Valentine’s Day and Walk Away Silver Heart

About the Collection and a link to Valentine's Day Valentine's day is just 2 days away now and I pursued getting the e-book ready, so that it could be pre-ordered for delivery on the day (US time, I'm guessing). Than you to those folk who have pre-ordered their copy. It makes a wonderful start for … Continue reading Valentine’s Day and Walk Away Silver Heart

Walk Away Silver Heart – a couple of live ones!

Just a couple of days now, until the e-book is formally launched. Formatting and shaping has been going on right up until the last minute, with what I hope is the last revision posted to Kindle just tonight. Then today, in the mail, a small reward and encouragement. Proof copies arrived. Actually, I tell a … Continue reading Walk Away Silver Heart – a couple of live ones!