it could be (as a vow)

and it occurs to mebelatedly it could comefor me it is a virushungry and voracious Iam just a manlike any other lake any othervictim not yet confirmedto be likea survivor I feel myself invincibleand vulnerable bothin rapid succession at the same time unseeingand yetsurrounded the statisticsdyingare just numbers the peoplethat they might beare randomunknown by … Continue reading it could be (as a vow)

unknowing (the city)

the treesdo not carebeyond yellowand red the streamdoes not worryit just runs for the rainshave comeand the worldhas turned it is autumn againas it should be the cityclose byhas diedjust a little there is troublenowin findinga soul for it is peoplethat it needsand the peopleare all home nothingon the streetsbut their echo and a littlelost … Continue reading unknowing (the city)

a remembering

april 25this anzac dayover here once every yearfolk gatherto rememberthe onesthat didn’t come homefrom a war or didn’t come homethe sameaswhen they left here poppiesat dawn this yearthat can’t be donethe virusis a warall its own this yeara trumpet soundsin the darkness and people standon the streetin frontof their houses and light candles in the … Continue reading a remembering

ganache and old candles (and zoom)

she said: it was a birthday an eighteenthbirthdaybutI couldn’t buy flouranywhereto bake a cake just the week beforeI had to hunt all overfor icing but noI made a ganache instead creamfor the whippingwas found somehowfrom somewhereand we dredgedsome pre-lovedcandles it was specialI supposebecauseyou only turn adultthe once and there were her friendsthe guestsall of themlined … Continue reading ganache and old candles (and zoom)

never again (pariah)

I knowwhere you were and I knowwho with is it any wonderthat you catchsuch things are you surprisedat allthat you’ve beenbroughtso low (you know)I only watchto keep you safe to keep you closeandwithin my loving gaze ... there youhave been outagain I see the signsall over yousodon’t say a word don’texcuse yourself you knowand I … Continue reading never again (pariah)

in isolation (welcome welcome)

there isa kind of peaceto the good daysof isolation the skya mix of cloudand blue sunshine fallinghere and there and hereand there soundis just a cockatoo a distant dog the patterof strikesby meacross the keyboardwriting this notethat I intendfor you wherever you are I wish youa sound biteof my magpie carolling the day I wish … Continue reading in isolation (welcome welcome)

a scream (no, it was nothing really)

he walked outsideto the centreof the road a long streetrunningfor a milefrom top to bottom usuallya busy one trucks and cars tankers divertingto avoid the heartof the town log trucksladenwith saw-logs of radiata tradies zooming around people walking his eyesseemed a littleun-focussed seeing somethingbutnot around here not anywherenearby and not close enoughto noticehe was wearing … Continue reading a scream (no, it was nothing really)

reflection (of the sacrifice)

easter resurrection comes before thatI must dieor soI understand I wonderhow does that workbutI doubtthat I need to know it is a matterof the soul perhapsof the underworld and I am willingenoughifit is forthe good for the very goodandfor us all look around gaze I have to stareat whatI see at whatis left a cannibal … Continue reading reflection (of the sacrifice)

on (to the positive)

even Isometimesseek the positive in the midstof the train wreckthat our lives have experienced have become the carnageand destructionof who and whatwe have thought ourselvesto beand that growsand growsdaily untilthere seemsno respitefrom devastation I seekthe positive I find the silencenowI findthe song of dawnwhen I wakestill wonderingfrom a portentous dreamalready fading I findthe smallof me … Continue reading on (to the positive)