Flock #22: safe

I in my flock I safe from harm whenever we go I go whenever we turn I turn I in the heart of my flock I am safe in the middle from harm ~


Voices #64: my name is …

hello there my name is Rup … er … … Robert I once had another name but they took away my hat and my sandwich and then my raincoat and boots now I’m just Robert never mind how are you? ~ Poem #64 from a series of poems heard while on a visit to a … Continue reading Voices #64: my name is …

breathing air and truth

stirring the wine not quite the same as breathing but air is air is air however you receive it and did you know the colour of clarity is red did you know that white includes deceptions in the crimson resides the truth despite my slightly inappropriate exposure   © Frank Prem, 2017 June 2017 Poem … Continue reading breathing air and truth