Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby – release day!

Ida to a T. 02/01/2023 Launch day! Ida is officially released in digital form in this 24 hours. Here is the Amazon (Australia) Link. Here is the Universal Link that lets you choose your own store. I thought I might check out how some merchandise might look (pretty lame, but fun). I tried the T-shirt … Continue reading Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby – release day!

The Mugshot Project

Ruby Furlong mugshot, 1920 - 13/11/2022 The Mugshot Project I thought I should post a little information abouty the case of Ruby Furlong, whose image I used for a drawing and whose story I derived from records of newspaper reposts dating back to 1920. First, though, a little background to the project I find myself … Continue reading The Mugshot Project

Ida – a little fun and revelation.

Ida! Cover Extract from Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby - 17/08/2022 It's been a job, but I am assuring and reassuring myself that I have just uploaded the very last text revision before I hold a copy of the book in my hands. Hopefully, I can order a couple of proof copies of Ida: … Continue reading Ida – a little fun and revelation.

as important (as an excellent lunch)

the mostimportantthing how to judgeamong the thisand the thatis acomplicatedtask when you areyoung alwaysmy mama’s babe always everybody’sbabe but alwaysmore grown upthan anyonecan tell anyone believe watch watch me preparean excellent lunchsimplyan excellent lunch just asa woman must do and leslie doesn’t likemegoing outtoo muchfor he thinks me too youngbut . . . when I … Continue reading as important (as an excellent lunch)