the demanding nature of a tree

all through the night his sleep disrupted images of art he saw the hand wielding pencils across white to draw a tree rising up from the page opening its leaves swaying slightly to a breeze ruffling across the paper the hand reaching in among the branches to sketch a bird . . . . detaching … Continue reading the demanding nature of a tree

a movement of richness

everything is in motion I cannot focus on the leaves the branches sway grass is trembling a shiver of emotion carried by the breeze the light through young green reflects dark transparent shadows falling to the ground creeping to the progression of the sun and here am I my fingers dance I take my breath … Continue reading a movement of richness

garden waltz time

the trees are roaring rising coruscations as the wind sounds up their voices to the sky bassi grow from initial susurration the thought they sang already on the fly three magpies warble quiet ululations honey birds squeak and titter where they lie kookaburras exhaust themselves in gay abandon not quite an orchestration but they try … Continue reading garden waltz time