a story for my lawyer

I wrote a story for my lawyer one day when I was on the forty second floor sitting in his office waiting to pay three-fifty dollars an hour in six minute increments for his time and his opinions it was a beautiful tale about the winding of the river I could see the silver gleam … Continue reading a story for my lawyer

a little behind

I am a little way behind the wind if I do not push how will it blow mine is the space where energy amassed awaits release which way should the breeze ~ I am a little behind the sea if I do not swim how can the tide mine is the space for sidelong strokes … Continue reading a little behind

what day is this

https://www.poets.org/sites/default/files/Small-Blue-RGB-National-Poetry-Month-Logo.jpg the day is not long but my boredom makes it longer impatient I with the this and the that of my lot I cannot bear to bother and time drags on me the day is not short but my excitement makes the minutes heighten and before I know hours have flown the day is … Continue reading what day is this

sound in the clock-man’s workshop 

the storm-water gutters on the house next door are ticking contractions like a timepiece with a stutter ........................................................tick      tick      tick tick ............tick      tick      tick      tick the early night is cold the old man resident in his workshop a place that is never silent the closing door raises a soft clang as the clocks lining the … Continue reading sound in the clock-man’s workshop