I am (of time)

I am a creaturebuiltof timeyou know stop motionimagesof thenand thenand then and now the voiceof a story toldto meonly to meby time in a whisperof wonder of pleasure of knowing and knowing and nothing I am meI am not oldjusta plaything a creature of time ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and … Continue reading I am (of time)

(PAD #043) completely

I have spokenfor days unending talesof derringand yester-ways aloudbravadowith thrustand riposte adventure alwaysbut one sail away yet here I amin silencelonely the evening drawinga curtainclosed with the murmured voicesofwhat once wasormight be and once wasquite surely and once . . . once . . . is gone now it is the nightsunending with their voicessilent … Continue reading (PAD #043) completely

introduction to an idea of time

time is a ritual filled with crumpets filled with coffee it begins with a book and a prop against the pillows in my bed time is a passage sun through morning sun on the glass it begins with a glance at the green new grown for today for my eyes time is a ritual look … Continue reading introduction to an idea of time