It’s all about book news, today.

Such a lot to report. Waiting For Frank Bear (70 pages - colour) I've approved the e-proofs for what I hope is the final time today. I'll likely be ordering a coupl,e of copies of each edition - hardback and paperback just to have some copies in stock, and I'll be determining a release date … Continue reading It’s all about book news, today.

Picture Poetry Books – progress report

I thought it might be of interest to share where I'm up to with revising The Cielonaut book. The Cielonaut is a story in poetry and pictures of an ill-fated journey across the stars. The sole protagonist is a man (though gender is not of any particular relevance) who is the sole survivor of the … Continue reading Picture Poetry Books – progress report

Rainforest Writing Retreat (RWR) 2021, The Cielonaut

Today, I've posted a second reading done with the Rainforest Writing Retreat (RWR) 2021, which I'm unable to attend, in mind. I spoke in my previous post of the way that an anthology idea - Short Tales of Forest and Fantasy - took root and grew in my mind until I had sufficient material for … Continue reading Rainforest Writing Retreat (RWR) 2021, The Cielonaut

The Cielonaut – revision

I go through so many revisions and iterations of these books that it makes me feel a little loopy, at times. The Cielonaut - background With todays shipment of books I received the latest version of The Cielonaut. I should say a little about this, because it's been a quiet little side-project, to date, and … Continue reading The Cielonaut – revision

The Cielonaut. A full draft!

Well, this is today's news. A full draft of The Cielonaut - a cover, an introduction, the body (including greyscale images of the cosmos), and back matter is done. This always feels like such a big moment, that I want to hold the book in my hands immediately. That won't happen, though. I'll hold off … Continue reading The Cielonaut. A full draft!