too far out of it to go to work

he woke upearlydidn’t feel well he called his workplace to say I feel strange really strangeI feelout of itsomehow I don’t think that Ican focusso I won’t be coming into worktoday from workthey told him okay gee you sounda long long wayaway get better soon buddybecausewe need you he wanderedscratchingstill more thanhalf asleep stumbled his … Continue reading too far out of it to go to work

consumed by the poem (rare fruit)

he stepped into the orchard where the rays of the sun fell on him like a honeyed stream a daze of light flowers full on the boughs a bent invitation seeking with a touch to pollinate him fruit strange fruit everywhere all around him the one he brushed with a finger shone a glow then … Continue reading consumed by the poem (rare fruit)

the freedom of storms

the storm was nearing gusts of singing wind sounded then softened and silenced while higher up the sky was a-scud with the movement of billows and frowns he removed all his clothes except his red jockey underwear and wandered outside in the middle of a still moment he lay down on his back in the … Continue reading the freedom of storms

two sides of the door

the man who placed his hand to the door-knob was confident quite certain as he twisted to convert the mechanism from closed to open he remained quite determined almost ... eager . . . . how to describe the sobering effect of an open space it is difficult for there is nothing there nothing tangible … Continue reading two sides of the door

as free as suns

he wrote in short lines crisp clear sharp unadventurous it is true but sufficient for his purpose stanzas of briskly expressed words black onto the white satisfied he flick flicked a lighter until it caught and held a flame the paper of course burned readily but each word was left to hover exposed in the … Continue reading as free as suns

the fossil hunters expedition (part 1)

the school of archeological literature sent a team out on a dig an expedition rumour had spread that they had found a fossil field of significance buried beneath pages the team was charged to burrow down through the years with magnifiers and tweezers an egyptologist too (on loan from Cairo) through cliché after cliché their … Continue reading the fossil hunters expedition (part 1)

only here, only now

I have no imagination I just wait right here to see what happens next one plus one is not an idea it only happens if I am holding two in my hands don’t speak to me about tomorrow don’t ask me to understand something you are afraid of or looking forward to I can’t experience … Continue reading only here, only now