a right to equality (through a comprehension of parts)

he understood the work was a whole thing more so than segments and portions chapters and stanzas yet as a reader he found the imagery of the complete work . . . overwhelming so much so many in his way though he felt that he was perhaps the equal of the poem of the poet … Continue reading a right to equality (through a comprehension of parts)

the glow in the table (heart and soul)

he found it half buried under some rubbish at the back of a shed that was a junk shop in Shepparton old blackwood tables with extension leaves show up that way from time to time it was the work of his heart when he got it back home to separate it into its parts re-carpenter … Continue reading the glow in the table (heart and soul)

the colour of light/brilliant – sepia

he has spent a long time trying to see what colour is the light today he isn’t thinking of refraction or rainbow but what light is today something bright and brilliant yesterday is already a fainter shade memories of youth somehow hold a rosy pink-tinged hue the room he slept in then seems toned in … Continue reading the colour of light/brilliant – sepia

calling a cockatoo/summoning

a piercing two fingers in the mouth whistle repeated emitted again leaving ears ringing but no other result he gazes a little forlorn at the upper reaches of the mirabelle tree whistles again a plum falls two the whistle resounds ~ forlorn the boy turns away returns slowly to the house where he looks accusingly … Continue reading calling a cockatoo/summoning

breathing life into the garden

the exhalation of his breath was like a thin grey smoke pallid minute movements of his lips and great concentration shaped directions in the clear air he saw a garden in the exhaled mist a row of flowers white behind them he blew a façade of the happy house that he recalled another breath another … Continue reading breathing life into the garden

unfriended by the walls

it began when a door required readjusting swollen down below sticking to the floorboards a physical thing for intervention or perhaps a carpenter to talk to someone who understood the window’s problems were more clearly psychological transparently neurotic but still a form of psychic discomfort surrounded by blank stares one by one the foundation pieces … Continue reading unfriended by the walls