corroboration dance

I have lit the firereturnedto bed reflectedoff a glossy surfacein the corridorI watch itred dreaming I waitfor the dancers warmthto reach the bedroombefore I riseto start the day until thenlet the demonscorroborate Iwill watch them ~ Poem #599 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie. ______________________________________________________________________________ Would … Continue reading corroboration dance

the way it works (around me)

I was taughtthat the worldis round that it spins and journeysthrough the vastnessof space right around the sun then backagainnever stoppingin that continuous journey and I’m surethat’s true I meanI knowthat it’s true butwhen I dreamall of the universemoves around me the sun comes upgoes downwhile I …Iam still right here when I dreamI knowthe … Continue reading the way it works (around me)

the lessons learned (from the episode of the wine glass)

when the glass with the fine thin bowl fell from the careless edge of the table the decanter for a moment ceased to breathe as it tilted on its journey parallel to the wooden indifference of the table leg a spring in the mechanism of the door between kitchen and dining softly twanged almost horizontal … Continue reading the lessons learned (from the episode of the wine glass)