running (before a rustling wind)

there is a wind that blows hot in the middle of the night prickles my skin to a millimeter deep then bakes it rustle my venetian blind is restless at the thought of fire if I turn out the light in this oven I become a sauna sweat forms in beads in little salty dreams on … Continue reading running (before a rustling wind)

summer ambiguity

the mid afternoon light has dimmed            a rumble sounds vaguely from somewhere outside            surrounds and then fills the house with its growl through the window an overflowing            vibrant green amid the crowded lushness of early summer leaves the climbing-tree is full of harbouring propeller-seeds the patio framework recedes            all green-painted slats and joists spattered with … Continue reading summer ambiguity

a little south (of Darwin)

the day is wilted all the leaves are still heavy silence cicadas? shhh magpies? hush now little dogs? be quiet until midnight the sun beats down and the wind has forgotten forgotten that it needs to blow there is no promise in the passing cloud thin and fluffed it takes no notice the brown of … Continue reading a little south (of Darwin)

decisive pastorale

the summer glows benign from out of a blue-field sky streaked with cloud floss to leave a winged impression the dog is on investigation underneath the footbridge that she’s never found to be of interest in the past the waves of grass from spring have begun to topple in crop circles randomly everywhere touches of … Continue reading decisive pastorale