run run (with majesty)

Majesty - 02/12/20221 some daysI playwith majesty and the greataboveplays with meI know I know I standand stareas the might aboveshape-changes I am justa childdiscoveringmy aweagain in the heart of white in the heartof grey beneatha raindropfalling all the wayfrom there ... down ... down ... to me I doa little dance –three stepsin cotton … Continue reading run run (with majesty)

the night (I roar)

Night Storm (1) 12/06/2021 the nightis as cold as a sometimelover the night isa strangerturnedto face away the night is a cloudthat flies closeto weather the nightis a cloudthat seedsall storms and I feel the windruffle my clothing I feel the rainbeatagainst my face I see the billowand its snowdescending I am the nightlet the … Continue reading the night (I roar)