west of north: I (arrow)

in my mindthe stars runwest of north scatteredyetaligned I see themas an arrowpointing me the universe andI can fly ~ there is lightwaitingat the endof all dark spaces a destinationif we knowor ifwe just travel endis endandthereis thereandI am here relatively speaking Iam all of those ~ beyond the starsare there yet morestars at what … Continue reading west of north: I (arrow)

absorbed (unthinking)

a diminished moon is burning in the light of an invisible sun there are no stars about no twinkle lights the reflected heat perhaps has driven them deeper soft gold like a glow from the inside heart warmed from so far away where the sun shines on some hemisphere some distant hemisphere not thinking of … Continue reading absorbed (unthinking)


stars wheel he stirs then wakes yawning he raises his arms to stretch accidentally displaces a blue sends it slowly rotating away on a new course on which lies another a red their collision flares the darkness momentarily for an endless time he looks at the new arrangements the patterns reaches out a hand to … Continue reading rearranging