insubstantially superior

from the bridgeIoverlook from this pointthe wattleis below me I amthe superior being I towerabove butthe wattleis a beautiful thingthe creekholds the skyabove and though Iam superiorI amas nothing what is below meis above from hereall I castis shadow insubstantialas the airI breathe no morethan motesarranged insubstantial ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about … Continue reading insubstantially superior

spring creek to the sea

One for the Beechworth folk, who love their Spring Creek, and love their Gorge and Woolshed. Why wouldn't they? I do ~~~~~~~~~~ spring creek where are you going? on a journey to the sea? wait I’ll just get my boots on if you’ll wait a second here I’ll run the race beside you we will laugh … Continue reading spring creek to the sea

Spring Creek: hosting the news

A Poem a Day in September: #20 Photo: Leanne Murphy   Spring Creek is hosting a talk show it burbles on and on exactly like on radio snow melt and heavy rain are the subject of the day and just when you think it’s all been said white water brings down more the voice is … Continue reading Spring Creek: hosting the news