#Flock 90: waiting (patient)

I've been inspired by a trick some colleagues used as the cover reveal for a new book. I hope you're interested in Jigsaw puzzles, because the picture for this poem is here. Happy puzzling. ~~~~~~~~~~ little bird little bird why do you wait what do you see is it a crumb of wisdom that might … Continue reading #Flock 90: waiting (patient)

perhaps a long spring

the walls of this medical centre are coated with brown pebble mix from ground to the sixth level where a walkway joins two buildings via the mechanism of a substantial steel girder painted white and featuring a small gap between the girder itself and the construction above it must be spring because apart from the … Continue reading perhaps a long spring

The MS Society Sparrow

The MS Society sparrow has nested. Squeezed between the white-on-blue of a parking sign and tight-fit eaves. More tunnel than nest, a single chick demands from mother bird more and more of the crumbs and small donations she is offered at the cafe in the immediate precinct of the self-help charity. The chick is fit … Continue reading The MS Society Sparrow