Hot New Release? Yes indeed! Rescue and Redemption

Hot New Release - Rescue and Redemption It hadn't occurred to me to take a peek at the Hot New releases on Amazon, as I hadn't anticipated any action there. Surprise! Rescue and Redemption is still some time away from release. I haven't even sent out early reader review copies. It is difficult to convey … Continue reading Hot New Release? Yes indeed! Rescue and Redemption

Endorsement for ‘Walk Away Silver Heart’

Last year, when I attended the Rainforest Writers Retreat up in Queensland for a second time, I was fortunate and delighted to meet Anna Campbell. Anna is a multi-award winning international best selling author who hails from Queensland, and it was fascinating for me to receive some insight into her approach to story-writing and the … Continue reading Endorsement for ‘Walk Away Silver Heart’

Walk Away Silver Heart – #1 New Release

I had in mind to to share progress on the cover for the paperback version of Walk Away Silver Heart with you today, but when I went to refresh the Amazon Links, I found this. Since my last post a couple of days ago, where I posted the links to the listing at Amazon, as … Continue reading Walk Away Silver Heart – #1 New Release

The New Asylum – Sneak peek!

Amazon have finally enabled the preview option for The New Asylum, and I thought I should mention it here. The preview actually shows quite a few poems - one of the virtues of it being a bigger book, I imagine. I think that in the next day or so there should be a drop in … Continue reading The New Asylum – Sneak peek!

Herja, Devastation – Sneak Peek.

It seems that Amazon's 'Look Inside' function won't catch up with this #1 New poetry release for a couple of days, and I know folk like to take a peek. Problem! Well, the embed function seems to provide a look inside, so I'll post it here again, for anyone that wants to visit, and hope … Continue reading Herja, Devastation – Sneak Peek.

Herja, Devastation – #1 new release

I do so love this moment, when I randomly log on to Amazon to check a detail and find a brand new banner waving alongside the title: #1 New Release in Australian and Oceanian Poetry. Welcome to the random rankings, Herja, Devastation! Herja has also just picked up a 5 star rating over at Goodreads. … Continue reading Herja, Devastation – #1 new release