Voices In The Trash – a small reading on Youtube

Just a wee bubby little recording (2 minutes or so) from the Voices collection. This was just a little test run, really to get a feel for how to read such short pieces. I'll probably do a fresh recording and perhaps an article to accompany it over on the Frank Prem dot com site, but … Continue reading Voices In The Trash – a small reading on Youtube

How goes the last tranche?

I find that I've slowed down a little with this, the last tranche of my Archives project. It amused to take a screenshot of the task: What lies ahead - Archives 2020 5 Archive books to bring the collections to 2020Lagoon is poetry from 2006 focusing on stories from the Millennium drought here in Australia … Continue reading How goes the last tranche?

Frank’s Bear Book – Chillin’. All right?

I've mentioned a few times, here and there, that I am trying to construct a picture book that will work as an ebook, as well as in physical book form. I do a lot of my writing with the assistance of some external thing that I allow myself to focus on. In the process, I … Continue reading Frank’s Bear Book – Chillin’. All right?

Totally Lit – a new podcast series by writers for writers

I'm delighted to introduce a new literary podcast venture, started by Ky Garvie, a writer I met at one of the Rainforest Writing Retreats that I've spoken of before in these pages. Ky has just released Totally Lit: Episode 3, featuring an extended interview/discussion with Australian author Edwina Shaw. It's an interesting listen, and I … Continue reading Totally Lit – a new podcast series by writers for writers

Establishing an ARC (Advance Readers) Group

I'm setting up an Advance Readers (ARC) Group through my Mailchimp newsletter account later today (21/01/2020), and inviting anyone who has previously read a pre-release copy of one of my collections (Small Town Kid; Devil In The Wind; The New Asylum; Herja, Devastation) and who is willing to receive and review copies into the future … Continue reading Establishing an ARC (Advance Readers) Group

What have I been up to?

I'm conscious of spending very little time with the poetry blog recently, and thought I should perhaps show what I've been up to, with a view to next year. I've been intensely involved in trying to master the art and cradt of book creation from scratch. All in all, I've made substantial progress with five … Continue reading What have I been up to?