Flock – the proof at last!

It really is an addiction, this business of turning my work into book format, even it has nowhere to go but my shelf. You'll recall, perhaps, that I did a lot of work to try to find a way to present and represent my poems inspired by a flock of pigeons. Following my nose, I … Continue reading Flock – the proof at last!

Voices In The Trash – a small reading on Youtube

Just a wee bubby little recording (2 minutes or so) from the Voices collection. This was just a little test run, really to get a feel for how to read such short pieces. I'll probably do a fresh recording and perhaps an article to accompany it over on the Frank Prem dot com site, but … Continue reading Voices In The Trash – a small reading on Youtube

Frank’s Bear Book – Chillin’. All right?

I've mentioned a few times, here and there, that I am trying to construct a picture book that will work as an ebook, as well as in physical book form. I do a lot of my writing with the assistance of some external thing that I allow myself to focus on. In the process, I … Continue reading Frank’s Bear Book – Chillin’. All right?

Totally Lit – a new podcast series by writers for writers

I'm delighted to introduce a new literary podcast venture, started by Ky Garvie, a writer I met at one of the Rainforest Writing Retreats that I've spoken of before in these pages. Ky has just released Totally Lit: Episode 3, featuring an extended interview/discussion with Australian author Edwina Shaw. It's an interesting listen, and I … Continue reading Totally Lit – a new podcast series by writers for writers

Establishing an ARC (Advance Readers) Group

I'm setting up an Advance Readers (ARC) Group through my Mailchimp newsletter account later today (21/01/2020), and inviting anyone who has previously read a pre-release copy of one of my collections (Small Town Kid; Devil In The Wind; The New Asylum; Herja, Devastation) and who is willing to receive and review copies into the future … Continue reading Establishing an ARC (Advance Readers) Group

What have I been up to?

I'm conscious of spending very little time with the poetry blog recently, and thought I should perhaps show what I've been up to, with a view to next year. I've been intensely involved in trying to master the art and cradt of book creation from scratch. All in all, I've made substantial progress with five … Continue reading What have I been up to?