(PAD #045) the season kissed

what shadeof greenwhat huewhiteis that the colour isthe sunthe light shining through grass highlighting a flowera waving leaf the blackis the shadowremainingof winter the blueis a promise that I Ican believe it is flowing abovearoundflowing right throughwhat is me I believe I feel the colourgreen blossom white I am the skyof season changekissingallof this day … Continue reading (PAD #045) the season kissed

(PAD #044) transition (into popcorn)

there’s popcornon the golden plum spring is in the air sunshineis fallingacross the grass caressingnot burning thisis a threshold a time of change seasons blur on momentI’m inthe winter chill one momentI am holding my faceupinto a sunshine stream and popcornis dottingthe bare branchesof my golden plum ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about … Continue reading (PAD #044) transition (into popcorn)

(PAD #024) winter (on parade)

winter sunon winter cloud how much colourcan I need there is chill outsidebutin here I’m warm and the coloursof an evening sun drift by a cloudparade ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and developments in my writing world, new poetry collections and giveaways? Subscribe to my monthly Newsletter here.

unseasonal snippets

a soughing wind slides by muttering susurrous hints and secrets buried beyond hearing within the prolonged hiss of its passing secrets are a cold confrontation suited best to the grey and cloud of winter but here they are insinuated like chill galls under the skin of midsummer night by a slithering breeze that cares not … Continue reading unseasonal snippets

gone (like September)

the plum blossoms suddenly they’re gone and all I see is young green where did white go the oaks are small life and bud leaves the view I had through bare branches has begun to close and the cherry flowers are bursting here and there like popcorn they have waited out the frost and now … Continue reading gone (like September)

free (for a little while)

and in a little while a little while the sun has cleared the edge and fluff of concealing clouds that billow bluff and blow around the sky as though possessors license checkers or taxing agents placing a tariff on the sunlight and enforcing rations for such is the mentality of the colour grey in the … Continue reading free (for a little while)

decisive pastorale

the summer glows benign from out of a blue-field sky streaked with cloud floss to leave a winged impression the dog is on investigation underneath the footbridge that she’s never found to be of interest in the past the waves of grass from spring have begun to topple in crop circles randomly everywhere touches of … Continue reading decisive pastorale