yours (the rainbow)

yours (the rainbow) - 26/07/2022 makean arcacrossthe sky paint itevery colourbroken out of white align themfrom redup thereto violet against the greythey shine a momentthenthe cloudsor sunwill move a bit between one blinkoneinterrupted glancethey are gone it is gonebutfor a moment . . . a special moment it was thereforyou ~

after work (a song I sing) a dance

home! here I amcome home from work the heat is itchand sweatand swelter clouds boilingaboveand all the wayto the horizon strip offthe uniform shirtstrip off the pants unpeel the socksthrow away the shoes stand quite stilloutsidethe back door . . . on the lawn raise a soundthat soundslike chanting chant in the directionof the sky … Continue reading after work (a song I sing) a dance