sailing (to port)

I sailon the rainforthe worldis askew vertical isto horizontalisjust a plane and the movementis a live thingin its own way I sailon the rainlikea marinerof meteorology and the wind blows I arcas the raindropsarca ribbonthrough the sky as the wind blowson and onI skim morein angles at forty-five at sixty Itowardthe rainbow Iacrossthe falling sky … Continue reading sailing (to port)

(PAD #038) the rain (I heard it)

I will listento the rainas it strikespeltedagainst my window I will followthe sound through the air through the glass into the splash listening into the droplet into water listening I will bethe rain striking doomagainst the window listening listening water through the air swirlingthrough the wind misting in a cloud listening a droplet a hint … Continue reading (PAD #038) the rain (I heard it)

(PAD #027) one time (midnight dancer)

wetat midnight the raincomes down the heart of winteris a downpour I liewakeful I lieno sleep I lie with the soundplayingin my mind and I half-dreamI’d like tostand underneath it raise my head close my eyes fall on mewinter rain I will danceunder your lines splash my face soak my feet fall and fallas thoughold … Continue reading (PAD #027) one time (midnight dancer)