how we live (the staff of life)

April 7: A boy holds a loaf of bread he received as part of humanitarian aid being handed out in front of a school in Chernihiv, in northern Ukraine. Evgeniy Maloletka/AP send the childrenoutfor bread let them feelthe goodof food to knowwhat it meansto hold a loafwithinyour hands thisis lifefor us thisis how we knowthat we … Continue reading how we live (the staff of life)

olga feeds the animals (alexander wields his walking stick)

who else will feedthe animals . . . olgais a volunteer she is workingat the odesa zooalongsidean old man namedalexander hundreds of peoplehave runawayand fearis everywhere all their pets . . . allthe animals they are allhereat the zoo olgafeels the responsibility there are bears and zebrasandan elephant she goesby the nameof daisy all of … Continue reading olga feeds the animals (alexander wields his walking stick)

buggery (really)

And crawled head downward down a blackened wall ~ there isa toilet paper shortageagain . . . nothere isn’treally it’s a shortagein people’s minds hoardersthough whytoilet paperof all thingsI can’t say and a failureof deliveries all the transport workersare sick can’t getstuffto the supermarkets can’t get tested can’t walkcan’t runcan’t fly different reasons same results … Continue reading buggery (really)

my life (back again)

And fiddled whisper music on those strings ~ let’s allget backto normal let itripso we canjustget over it go backto work backto school stop talkingabout the numbers they’re onlynumbers what I wantto get over . . . get beyond are the weasel wordsof politicianswho hold us back . . . push usforward . . . … Continue reading my life (back again)

it is personal (get over it)

Cracks and reforms and bursts in the violet airFalling towersJerusalem Athens AlexandriaVienna LondonUnreal ~ it has becomeimpossible the streetsof the little townare crowdedwith the escapeesfrom other places the pestilencehas mutatedand transmogrifieditself hitched a rideand taken upresidence businesses open businesses close there is nolockdownjustself-imposedisolations so many workersunwellor waitingwhile their tests windendlesslythrough the pathology systemthat is becoming … Continue reading it is personal (get over it)

Booklaunch: Sheep On The Somme

Sheep On The Somme has now been launched. It was a pleasure to join with six other poets for the Wordsin the Woolshed session yesterday. I managed to record my introduction of Sheep On The Somme and also some thoughts on picture poetry as a medium. I had to chuckle when I was compiling this … Continue reading Booklaunch: Sheep On The Somme

Winterwords Festival – a live event

The inaugural Winterwords in Beechworth and Stanley, June 16th to 23rd 2021 Winterwords is a week full of talking, listening, watching and doing. Attend a panel discussion, participate in a workshop, listen to music, see an art exhibition, talk to an author, laugh, play, eat, drink and soak in Beechworth and Stanley's wonderful history mixed … Continue reading Winterwords Festival – a live event

Poetry Treasures – a new anthology and poetry reading

Poetry Treasures Anthology cover 22/04/21 I'm delighted to share news that a new anthology I've been fortunate to be included in has just been released. Poetry Treasures - A WordCrafter Poetry Anthology has been compiled and edited by Kaye Lynne Booth and Roberta (Robbie) Eaton Cheadle. It includes work by Sue Vincent, Geoff Le Pard, … Continue reading Poetry Treasures – a new anthology and poetry reading

War Videos update

I've been plugging away with my self appointed task of cleaning up, shrinking down and re-posting WW1 videos on my YouTube Channel. Some old redone, and some new posted since my last update. I find the inconsistencies a little annoying (most of the audio was recorded some time ago and at different times), but I … Continue reading War Videos update