Revision at the end of a year

A task of revision - A Magpie Sings at Midnight What a bittersweet thing is revision. You might recall that a while back I allowed myself to get carried away by using lines and phrases taken from T. S Eliot's The Waste Land as the basis for my own writing purposes, acting as prompts for … Continue reading Revision at the end of a year

ride away (from yesterday)

ride away (from yesterday) - 27/09/2022 when did you stopbeinga little man my little man and growso highand proud which turningof the sun closingof my eyes which facingthe wrong way onceyou weremy little man once . . . who knowswhat day that was a long time . . . it wasyesterday as Iam yesterday ride … Continue reading ride away (from yesterday)

who? (me)

who? (me) - 19/07/2022 a man just a mannotperfectly drawnnohe is notperfectly drawnbuthe could besomebodyI knowwhat kindof thoughtsdoes he thinkare theysomething like mineis heanythinganythinglike me who was hethenwho is henowis hemeI don’t thinkhe could bemesurelyI’m nothinglike thatIwas neverlike thatthoughimperfectly drawnyesI too amimperfectly drawnall my flawswornon my sleevein the airwhereever I gomaybe . . . maybehe … Continue reading who? (me)

a butterfly would like to sing (on election day)

todayI would like to singa song a songin the tonesof sweet redemption of resurrection of beginning thingsanew like . . . stretching outthe coloursof my wings of risingupinto the sky dazzlingin the golden sununderthe blue it has beensuch a long long time coloured draband darkor glittering like sequinsturning here and there reflecting lightthat has no … Continue reading a butterfly would like to sing (on election day)

a canto a canto (a canto for the ukraine)

cantocantocanto mariupolhas died cantocantocanto burnedwhilestill alive cantocantocanto missilesin the night cantocantocanto praying praying prayingfor the light ~ kirill iliya a little girlunnamed a woman –a body –with her anklestiedtogetheras neatlyanyone can dofor the deadin a time like this . . . what kindof timeis this . . . a tarpaulinis a shapethat is a body … Continue reading a canto a canto (a canto for the ukraine)

The Garden Black – Hot New Release

I feel a little blessed that my native writing categories (as listed on Amazon) - my 'naturals' include Australian and Oceanian Poetry. Why? Because there are not huge sales in the category at any one time in markets around the world. Small sales numbers result in big movement on the charts that Amazon maintains through … Continue reading The Garden Black – Hot New Release

right now (we are kyiv)

right nowwe have electricity right nowwe have water and heating right now kyivis surroundedright now there is no wayfor any of usto leaveand we are ensuring –by every means –there is nowayto enter we are –right now –all there isof kyiv and we hold –right now –all there isof kyiv it is shrinking –that is … Continue reading right now (we are kyiv)

FF #14

who knewthis lifewould turn outjust the wayit has backwhen we were childrengazingat stars in the black night sky hanging therelike glittering jewelsjust out of reachabove nineteensixty-nineseemed to be . . . wellI recallit seemed to bejust fine there were menon the moonand rock and rollwas kingand all the young folkback thenwere high I was justa … Continue reading FF #14