insubstantially superior

from the bridgeIoverlook from this pointthe wattleis below me I amthe superior being I towerabove butthe wattleis a beautiful thingthe creekholds the skyabove and though Iam superiorI amas nothing what is below meis above from hereall I castis shadow insubstantialas the airI breathe no morethan motesarranged insubstantial ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about … Continue reading insubstantially superior

rtl walk #87 (final): dream of flight

friends are you sleeping so quiet I believe you are lost in a dream a dream of flying ~   Thank you to everyone who has read these poems that came out of a one hour walk around the local Lake, and took three months to finish presenting.   I'm excited now to start a … Continue reading rtl walk #87 (final): dream of flight