run run (with majesty)

Majesty - 02/12/20221 some daysI playwith majesty and the greataboveplays with meI know I know I standand stareas the might aboveshape-changes I am justa childdiscoveringmy aweagain in the heart of white in the heartof grey beneatha raindropfalling all the wayfrom there ... down ... down ... to me I doa little dance –three stepsin cotton … Continue reading run run (with majesty)

go (my love) let’s go

Ibis before the storm - 03/12/2021 my lovelet’s fly away across the faceof the creepingstorm you and Ialoneagainstthe sky hailand rain lightning wind I hear the thunderrolling rollingover everything . . . everyonebefore it but we –you and I –wecan fly fasterthan any stormcan roll my love . . . my lovelet’s go ~ I … Continue reading go (my love) let’s go

A Lake Sambell Walk – pre-order

A Lake Sambell Walk is due for release on 1st December - just a week away - and is available to pre-order now. I thought it might be timely to post a couple of images from the book. A Lake Sambell Walk - what a gorgeous day! A Lake Sambell Walk - 'Everlasting' paper daisies … Continue reading A Lake Sambell Walk – pre-order

4 x 17

4 x 17


Seventeen Syllable Poetry

Grass #1

this field of mine
is waving grass

as each breeze

and nods


Grass #2

I know the way
the grass
will bend

I take my breath
deeply . . .

I blow


Grass #3

golden green

all of life
is a dance
they say

so sway
once more


Grass #4

when you


one last song

to the sky


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Waiting For Frank-Bear – digital edition

Waiting For Frank Bear digital edition cover - 27/11/2021 <phew> I think I've managed to convert Waiting For Frank Bear into a digital edition successfully. It has been a heck of a job because of the way text has been dealt with in the paper editions, but I won't bore you with the details. I … Continue reading Waiting For Frank-Bear – digital edition

Picture Poetry Books – progress report

I thought it might be of interest to share where I'm up to with revising The Cielonaut book. The Cielonaut is a story in poetry and pictures of an ill-fated journey across the stars. The sole protagonist is a man (though gender is not of any particular relevance) who is the sole survivor of the … Continue reading Picture Poetry Books – progress report

New Bears and new Lake Walks. New Books!

I have been waiting - it seems like a very long time - for today. It was a delight to hear the voiice of the delivery man announce: 'Some packages for Frank . . .' Packages for Frank . . . - 30/09/2021 It has been raining fiercely for a day or so, here, and … Continue reading New Bears and new Lake Walks. New Books!