(PAD #11) the show (going on)

it’s alla performance every dayfromfeet upon the floor an absenceof scriptdoesn’t matter sometimesthe stageis all in thisperformancerehearsal can onlytake youso far the trickis persuasiondon’t let the audienceseeany morethan your sleightof hand performance every dayperformance all right then . . . I’m ready let’slet the showbegin _____________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and … Continue reading (PAD #11) the show (going on)

two weeks

what's on my mind today? reading what's on my mind today? it is reading reading to an audience reading aloud in my local library ~ what to read? what to say? is this a poem that is suitable? I really don't know maybe the oldies maybe the goodies maybe the ones I've read before a … Continue reading two weeks

after ’till the next time’

but later after the energy has gone drained in a celebratory extravagance super-high super-charged and burned magnesium ignited and you were so ... you were so so good and it rushed around your body till you buzzed and hummed fast really fast but after so empty that you rattle like a rock in a can … Continue reading after ’till the next time’

three presentations

A Poem a Day in September: #33 1 surround yourself in silence for preference don something black stand in the sharpness of a spotlight say nothing until it’s right say nothing until a few words just a few words then hold again quite still don’t move until the room is shushed at you say it … Continue reading three presentations