Pebbles to Poems – Review

A lovely review of Pebbles to Poems posted at Smashwords and Goodreads by Chris Hall (luna's on line). Thank you Chris. Here is the review, posted on Goodreads. Don't forget, Pebbles to Poems is still available at no cost in e-book formats at Smashwords. Follow this link if you'd like a copy. The code you … Continue reading Pebbles to Poems – Review

Pebbles in Paperback. Cover revealed!

I made a decision a few days back that, even though there are some collections I put together that won't be released for sale - for various reasons - in paperback format, nonetheless, I want to create a PB version for my own bookshelf. So I spent a day and half, perhaps two, turning the … Continue reading Pebbles in Paperback. Cover revealed!

Pebbles to Poems – still free

Just a reminder to anyone who might be interested that my book of samples - Pebbles to Poems - is still available as a free purchase on Smashwords. If you are interested - for yourself or someone else you think might be interested in the work I do - this is a great introduction. The … Continue reading Pebbles to Poems – still free